Madison, Wisconsin Foreclosures

TCT reports,

Dane County had 127 foreclosure filings in January, 45.9 percent more than the 87 in December, 122.8 percent more than the 57 last January, and 746.6 percent more than the 15 in January 2006.

Wisconsin had 2,102 foreclosure filings in January, 20.5 percent more than the 1,744 in December, 58.4 percent more than the 1,327 last January, and 428.1 percent more than the 398 in January 2006.

Homeowners ARM’s are increasing, heat costs are rising, gas is eating into people’s budgets. I don’t think we are going to see Madison foreclosures going away anytime soon.

Keep in mind that builders, developers and investors can also be foreclosed on. Their inventory adds to these numbers. Like the Metro Place downtown Madison foreclosure.

If you are facing foreclosure TALK with your lender. They are not your enemy. Believe it or not, they don’t want to foreclose on your home. The process costs them money, money they already invested in you and your home. Start the conversation to see what you can do to keep your home.



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3 responses to “Madison, Wisconsin Foreclosures

  1. Dane County has had 95 foreclosure filings so far in March. A great site for these statistics can be found at

  2. Ouch, it has yet to hit the Raleigh, NC market is an extreme way like in Wisconsin, but I guess it could eventually get there.

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