Don’t Over Improve Your Home For Sale

Sometimes when I’m talking with a Home Seller about the price of their home, the Home Seller will explain that their home is more expensive than all the other homes in the neighborhood, because of the professional faux suede painted walls, or the imported french tiles to make the unique entry way, or the custom granite counter tops.

I respond, “That’s great! Did you do that to increase the value of your home or for YOUR personal enjoyment?”

The problem with over improving is that as a Home Seller you might want to or even expect to get your money back out of it or more. That is not always the case. If your home for sale is nicer, yet more expensive than others in the neighborhood, the buyer could customize the less expensize home to their personal enjoyment.

A great article at the Real Estate Journal entitled Four Easy Improvements That Won’t Break The Bank gives excellent advice to homeowners that are going to remodel but the same advice could be given to homeowners getting ready to put their house up for sale on the real estate market.

1. Touch up interiors

2. Replace your floors

3. Update your hardware

4. Transform your yard

Check out the article for more details about each areas of advice.



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2 responses to “Don’t Over Improve Your Home For Sale

  1. during the recession, there were so many home for sale near our area at bargain prices’:.

  2. there are many bargain priced home-for-sale in our city, i was considering buying one `-:

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